is a simple to use in-home exercise tool, designed to gently provide hamstring stretches for knees that are contracted.


distributes the weight evenly along the entire length of the tool, which provides additional comfort for patients.


is designed to be used over a short period of time while resting comfortably in a chair with the limb positioned as instructed by the health care provider.


ComfortSTRETCH® and Physical Therapy


Suggested use: Amputees, Arthritis, Arthrofibrosis, AKA Stiff Knee Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Disorders, Spina Bifida, Sports Injuries, and Surgical Rehabilitation

Muscles are being passively stretched while lying prone on a stretching table with the RECOMMENDED weight attached.

The object of this exercise should result in a more satisfying physical therapy session for both patient and therapists.

The folded ComfortSTRETCH®, with one hand weight, is draped over the ankle and left in place for a short period of time. If this is done prior to having the physical therapist actively perform hands on procedures the physical therapy session will be more comfortable for the patient and therapists may achieve a greater goniometric reading due to prior stretching of the contracted muscles.

Further, if the patient is trying to strengthen muscles the leg would be lifted with the ComfortSTRETCH® attached as shown above.


With the RECOMMENDED weight attached muscles are passively being stretched.

The above photos demonstrate the proper placement of the ComfortSTRETCH® over the knee. The foot should always be supported with a stool, chair or ottoman, as shown.

ComfortSTRETCH® is designed to be used with either hand weights or other recommended weighted items. If using hand weights insert one hand weight into the loops, in front of the knee and one hand weight in back of the knee. This placement of weight mimics that of a physical therapy session applying downward pressure above the leg.

Ad-onIf the Ad-on Cradle is attached to the ComfortSTRETCH® it will allow other objects to be used that will provide weight recommended by health care providers.


In theory, relaxed muscles will stretch more easily; thus by holding this position for a short period of time a gentle stretch of the contracted muscles will provide a more comfortable stretch.

With the RECOMMENDED weight attached muscles are being passively stretched or strengthened.

This concept features a "hands free" approach to stretching contracted muscles.

The folded ComfortSTRETCH® is holding one hand weight. Since the weight is not being held in the hand the arm muscles are more relaxed and will stretch with less discomfort. Using a very light weight allows the person to concentrate more on relaxing their muscles rather than straightening the arm, resulting in a more comfortable exercise.

Further, if the patient is trying to strengthen muscles lift the arm with the ComfortSTRETCH® and weight attached.

  100 1481-2With the RECOMMENDED weight attached, stiff knee muscles are being passively stretched to bend the knee.

When Knee Arthrofibrosis, AKA Stiff Knee Syndrome, is present the knee may improve when a folded ComfortSTRETCH® is draped over the leg, close to the ankle with a hand weight attached, allowing the weight to draw the foot down the wall to bend the knee.


The video below demonstrates how to attach the two together.